Branding with Intention
Branding Branding Branding!!!! What the heck is it?! Branding is a new fangled term that most tend to throw around when referring to things like logos and colors. Truth be told, some users of the word have no earthly idea what it actually is. For them, it’s just another term to regurgitate while parroting any one of the numerous "branding experts”. Well, that definition is only a portion of what it truly is. Here’s the real deal. Branding is a strategy. It’s ONE way for a savvy business owner to garner a return on the investment into their business. It’s less of a mandatory step on your business to do list and more of an organic opportunity to authentically connect with your audience. You’re customizing the type of experience your audience has with you from first sight by choosing how you show up in and around their pain points. In short, branding is about the experience. Customer service, the service / product, the way your business looks…ALL OF IT. The visual elements of the brand help your business to speak for itself when you’re not in the room. However, the strategy is the driving force behind the impact of the visuals.

At Level Creative, we focus on branding and strategy by approaching it from a visual perspective. We go below the surface of just designing something that “looks great” to help you intentionally and strategically develop a memorable and unique brand presence. Branding is not your sole solution for a successful business model, but it IS a very important component needed to build a sturdy business that can stand the test of time.
About Lizette Gabrielle

Lizette Gabrielle is a visual branding strategist and travel enthusiast. She has spent the last decade building her design portfolio by assisting new businesses to discover how to use graphic design to reinforce and empower their brands through her platform, Level Creative. During that time she also discovered her passion for travel and learning about new cultures, having even traveling as far as Kenya.
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